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(All pictures on this page are from My Autobiography  "I'll never walk alone")

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With Frankie Vaughan, meeting the Queen at the opening of the new Mersey Tunnel, Her Majesty is obviously dazzled by my bright white teeth.

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Prince Charles and Liverpool Radio City chairman Ken Medlock at a carol service for Radio City. I wonder who stuck a silly sign on Prince Charles's Back?.

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Dinner after a Charlie Girl performance with Derek Nimmo and my dear friend, the boxer Alan Rudkin, who stopped me boxing and turned me towrds showbiz. He's here with his friend Max.

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With Sammy Davis Junior at his fortieth birthday party at the Trattoo in London. A great pal, Sam, God bless him.

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Yes, It's me second from the left, in my second musical, Pull Both Ends. What do you think of the gear, folks?

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Any old iron! At home, framed by the various awards I've collected over the years.

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With the new Pacemakers, Andy Cairns, Kevin Jackson and Sean Fitzpatrick, who are saying, "Hey boss, you're definitely getting fatter!"

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Gerry enjoying a quiet drink before going onstage at the Southport Theatre May 2000 as part of his recent British tour

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